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Weiss Katz Gallery is a contemporary gallery representing some of the finest photographers ranging from established to young emerging artists. We offer a selection of artworks that are signed limited editions with a strong focus on worldwide online art sales. The exclusive collection of fine art prints being offered represents a curated eclectic selection of amazing photographs ranging from Nature & Landscapes, People & Portraits, Documentary, Still Life and special unique pieces only reserved for Weiss Katz Gallery. We offer private viewing sessions online per special request. Please contact us as we are happy to help you. Continue to visit our site as we continually add new work to our collections.

Phone: 212.500.0979 / Email: CONTACT@WEISSKATZGALLERY.COM



Erik Asla

The Stillness of Motion - Santa Monica, 1:56pm, 2013

CPi Syndication0000.jpeg

Giuliano Bekor

Untitled M13A, 2013


Dean Bradshaw

Women of Africa Series #1, Photographed in Kenya, 2016

Copy of YBR10001_120_001.jpeg

Yul Brynner

Audrey Hepburn, Venice, 1965


Richard Corman

Madonna NYC '83 SHOW Madonna Bathroom #1, Photographed in New York City, 1983


Callie Giovanna

Carate, Costa Rica, Photographed in Carate, Costa Rica, 2009


Michael Lavine

Kurt & Courtney no. 1, Photographed in New York City, 1990

02_AF_Del_Mar_CA_HASSELBLAD_150_v1 copy.jpg

Pamela Littky

American Fair #2, Photographed in Del Mar, California in 2015


Robert Maxwell

Spoons, Photographed in Paris, 1994


Vijat Mohindra

LIPS 1, Photographed in Hollywood, California, 2011


Shawn Sachs

In Through the Outdoor, Photographed in San Jose, CA, 2014